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Sell Your Program To Your Specific Micro-Niches Based On Their Quiz Results, WITHOUT Having To Do All The Tech Stuff... YUP! It's Already Done For You... 

This Video Will Walk You Through Everything Inside The Ultimate Kartra Quiz Funnel & How It Works...

Why This Funnel Is Getting The Best Results Of All My 20 Years In Online Marketing...

You can try a billion different funnels and split test until you're blue in the face, and still fail miserably at this funnel game. They say you're just "one funnel away" but that's usually after you trial 99 other funnels to get to that one winner. 


Why waste your time "hustling" when you can just straight up copy a tried and PROVEN funnel in a completely legit way. The work is already done for you!


So why is this quiz funnel the best?


How many times have you heard, "you need to know your audience"? A lot right? That's because it's the truth. You're never going to ever sell shoes to a man who has no feet! You need to find out what their problem is and solve it! It's simple. 


So this quiz funnel will ask you audience a series of questions and based on their specific answer, it will direct them immediately to a page that specifically designed for them. It covers THEIR problems and offers the solution in a way that will resonate with them. They'll be know, liking and trusting you so much faster than trying to blanket marketing to everyone the same way. 


This funnel has 4 outcomes, so you can market in 4 different angles to 4 different micro markets. Then they get an email sequence specific to their pain points again. Everything then leads to the sales page for them to buy. 


When they DO buy, they get instant access to the members area. Even the members area has 4 levels (one for each outcome from the quiz). So not only do you sell to them in the way that is relevant to their needs but you deliver the solution specific to them as well. 


It's like a 4 sided marketing strategy - you can hit 4 micro-markets within your niche at the same time. They will feel like you really get them and be so hot to buy your offer they'll feel like you're their best friend. 


Coaches, Consultants, Program Creators, Teachers, Leaders... You Name It!

I've seen the quiz funnel work well for every industry from fitness, marketing, business leadership, construction, personal development and foodies. 


Every market has micro-markets within them or audiences who have different pain points that lead to the same solution requirements. 


We even show you how you can create cool 3D graphics like these ones on this page as well.


No matter what your industry this funnel is the perfect way to weed out your ideal clients from the masses and hone in on their needs. 

Here's What You'll Get With This Funnel...

  • 18 Page Quiz Funnel

    Once they go through the quiz they will be redirect to one of the 4 outcomes pages. There they will have a webinar video specific to their needs and be taken to the sales page to checkout. If they don't buy, they'll be tagged so you can follow them up. 

  • Membership Site

    Once they purchase they will be taken to the members area. This will have 4 levels so they will get the content relevant to them, as per the outcome of the quiz. There is also a 5th module for any content relevant to all of them and a 6th module for resources. 

  • Email Sequence

    Depending on the quiz outcome there is a 3 day email sequence set up to automatically send. There is one for each of the 4 quiz outcomes. You just need to add your flavour to the emails. However, the emails have a guide in there telling you what to say as well. 

  • Calendar

    If you are selling higher ticket or want to get them on the phone to pre-qualify your buyers, there is a calendar includes. All you need to do it change the link on the sales page to the calendar instead of the checkout. There are confirmation and 1hr reminder emails too. 

  • HelpDesk & Live Support

    Sometimes to get a sale over the line you might want to have a live chat so you can answer any objections. That's included along with the support ticketing system and a frequently asked questions section as well, so all their questions are answered online. 

  • Product Set Up

    Inside your funnel there is already a product set up ready to go. You just have to change the product name. This will automatically give them access to the members area and send them confirmation and logins. There's just a quick connect to your Stripe or PayPal. 

  • Affiliate Center

    The product set up in your quiz funnel is all ready for affiliates to start marketing your offer. There is an affiliate sign up center and a place for you to store your graphics and email swipe files for them. You can easily change the % you pay out and track their sales through your Kartra system.

  • Detailed Tagging

    One reason I love Kartra is it's ability to tag a person on any move they make. It's like we can nearly tell when they sneeze it's so details... (nearly). So when they watch the videos you'll be able to see if they watched to the offer or only watched a little bit by the tagging in the videos uploaded to Kartra. 

And Now Here Are Some Of The Pages And Section Snippets...

Here's What People Are Saying Our Kartra Skills...

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Jody has been in the online marketing industry for 20 years. The past 10 years she has coached in online strategy helping her clients make millions online. She is a speaker and the author of the book "LadyBalls" . Jody has built a team of Kartra Experts in her Agency Phunnel Builders to be the best well oiled Kartra machine in the biz.

You don't have to waste months or blow a truckload of cash to create this funnel.... 


Over the years clients have paid me thousands to get a strategy like this but thanks to the ways of Kartra we are able to give this to you to copy at a super low investment. It's taken us months to make sure this quiz funnel is perfect for you and ready to go with the very least amount of work for you. 


There will be people who will "funnel hack" and think that from this page they can work out how to rebuild it all themselves in Kartra. If they can, then go ahead. Good luck!


But if you'd rather poke yourself in the eye with a blunt spoon rather than have to go through the tedious task of trying to recreate this funnel... I'll save you the pain.


You can have this funnel in your Kartra account in the next 3 minutes


Once you purchase it, at the ridiculously low price of $297, you'll get an email with a code. You just go to your Kartra account and paste in the link and BOOM! it's all yours. Every page, tag, members site, form, everything... will be in your account in the correct structure. 




What if you need help?


No problem. I have a free Facebook Group where you can ask my team of Experts anything or better yet... we have an option for them to set it all up for you. If you buy the copy and then decide to upgrade just email us and we'll credit the $297 to the upgrade done for you package. 


Does Kartra have a Quiz function now?


Not yet! But that's ok. I have set up the quiz for you in Jotform. It's ready for you to embed your questions and then it can link back to Kartra and tag them with their outcome. It's SUPER simple and no need for zapier. You'll get the link to copy that in the email. 


Don't have Kartra yet?


That's ok. Once you purchase we'll include a link for a 14 day free trial in the email 

Copy The Ultimate Kartra Quiz Funnel Now...

And have it in your Kartra account in the next 3 minutes...


Once you purchase we will email you with the link to copy the funnel immediately and instructions on what to do. 

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